Talk: The Strength of Character Needed to Succeed As an Artist | Katherine Amy Vega
2016 Music Industry Expo by Green Kite Records

Katherine Amy Vega (Owner, Manager, & Media Artist) of Kataklizmic Design was the opening speaker for Green Kite Records' "2016 Music Industry Expo" ft. Loren Israel (Songwriting Teacher, Record Producer and A&R Consultant) and Donny Johnson (General Manager at Sunven Entertainment / Luckyman Concerts). x

Kataklizmic Design also had a vendor booth that featured seven brilliant 20x30 posters of Katherine's concert photography (not for sale), marketing materials, and six "front covers" of our fantastic concert reviews from Reviews by music journalists and writers Debbie Malone & Emily Marie. Katherine's speech was beautifully captured by Jim Fury Hesterman, and video recorded by Samantha Marie. Marketing was managed for Kataklizmic Design by Sandy Pretzlaff. 

Everyone listed has done notch work for Team Kataklizmic - a community of artists who collaborate to fulfill the services of our new service packages for musicians, Band Identity℠ , and our online publication Burning Hot Events .

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Green Kite Records, Kerry Oliver, Loren Israel, Donny Johnson, Sandy Pretzlaff, Samantha Marie, Debbie Malone, Emily Rudolph, Jim Hesterman, Maggie Rodriguez

Bands/Musicians Pictured:

Lindsey Stirling, Marilyn Manson, Jimmy Eat World (Jim Adkins), Evanescence (Amy Lee), Coheed & Cambria (Claudio Sanchez), Angelspit (Amelia Arsenic, former member), Lacuna Coil (Cristina Scabbia), Blink-182 (Mark Hoppus), CHVRCHES (Lauren Mayberry), The Piano Guys, Dashboard Confessional (‎Chris Carrabba)

Some Key Themes: Music industry, art, concert photography, Vulnerability, struggles, defying the norm, influencers, calculated risk, leaving your comfort zone, letting go of perfectionism, sacrifice, grit, relationships, support, delegation, collaboration, asking for help, ego, public image, focusing on your strengths, setting goals, seizing opportunity, women in tech, women, empowerment, women in business, entrepreneurship.


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