Talking about updated perks with you guys! <3
Hello lovelies! 

Are you guys having a wonderful weekend? I was thinking to talk to you guys a little about the upcoming perks I was thinking of adding. I think I will be adding a "personalized fansign"  to some of the perks and I'm thinking of more goodies I would love to add for you all since you guys are so lovely! <3 

Or perhaps even polaroid pictures? :3

 In the $ 25 perk I have added many folders with different progress on many of my previous cosplays. There I have posted in the comment section where you can get guidelines and info about what materials I used.


(I will keep this post public so anyone who is interested can post as well, all other exclusive content will be for Patreons only!) 

 Please let me know! <3 I hope you guys are satisfied with your rewards for April! ^3^