Talking About Hard Things
This year is full of promise. There are so many things that are happening in the next eleven months that it's hard to believe I'm involved with them. That being said, I feel like I'm running a marathon from one thing to the next.

The stunning dice you see are our special Breakout Dice for the convention happening in 28 days. I have so much to do before then and the thought of it being so soon makes me want to barf a little. I thought I had more time!

Dreamation is around the corner. I'm running a 3 part session of Fall of Magic: Journey into Umbra. This will let folks play the whole game from start to finish, hopefully, and see their journey come to completion. I'm excited to see it played again, as it's a game I'm firmly in love with.

Recently I've come across my own interest in playing out trauma in games because, well, I've been traumatized. This lead me down the path to talking about rape and PTSD in games. I'm writing a game called Allegedly about the fall out of a rape case in a small town, and how hard it is, as a victim, to find justice. 

Naturally I had a lot of questions pop up around this, and so I wrote a blog post on my complicated and long thoughts on rape in RPGs . The feedback has been great and oddly enough, no one has taken me to task about it. I was waiting for someone to hate me for it, and I'm sure that'll come. All in good time, right?

It's Like DnD , the podcast Rach and Rob and I put out had a new episode release since last we spoke. We're trying some new formatting and trying to be a bit more reasonable with our time frames on when we release them, but honestly, we're intensely busy people and we're starting to realize our schedule needs to make space for the fact that we're intensely busy people. It's a good learning process and I'm loving it.

From The Gauntlet Podcast , episode 87 came out, where we talk about games we're playing.  I'm digging joining the Gauntlet and a lot of cool things are coming down the pipe there. It'll be neat to see folks at Dreamation and get to take some selfies with some of my favourite people.

All in all, I haven't been playing much. I've been adulting like no tomorow and organizing a convention, but holy hell has it cut into my game time. That being said, I start playing in another game of Monsterhearts 2 soon (Mortal or Queen? MORTAL OR QUEEN!?!) and we play in Rach's Monsterhearts 2 game tonight. Oh Poe. How I adore you.

Happy Weekends, loves!