Talks for Youuuuu!
Hello all. Pretty soon I'm going to upload some edited talks from the various retreats I've led last week. I did a training for a Catholic school faculty, my own parish/school, a Youth Minister's retreat for the Diocese of Ft. Worth, and a small group leaders/facilitators retreat for a local parish.

The reason why I want to edit and post some of these talks here is because of how I incorporate The Soul of the Apostolate into training and retreat talks. This should be a core part of our formation.

Since discipleship is both a biblical concept and a super buzzword, all of my Soul of the Apostolate stuff is sandwiched nicely within a discipleship model or approach. So, if that floats your boat I'm sure you'll enjoy these talks. I should a few posted in the next week, so stay tuned!


I just found out my July 29th Glorify in Prison talks were recorded and our team has a copy of them. So, I will pull my talks from them and make them sound all pretty and such and post them here as well.

All of my talks will eventually go on my soundcloud page, but at least you will get them first! (