The final frontier of spiritual awakening is releasing attachment to the personality. Examining the depths of attachment is something most people do not want to do while they are alive. It is such a tall and daunting order that many would would rather be dead. The personality's grip on itself will often not flex, no matter how painful. This is not sustainable in the long run. The tendency is to either rationalize away the existence of the soul as an inconvenient truth or to postpone dealing with it until conditions are more favorable. Big mistake. The soul IS salvation and it is freely available to each and every one of us right here and now. Viewing the personality from every possible angle eventually shows that it is not real. What is real is an eternal presence of unsurpassable peace. The personality is an alter ego that is trying really hard to convince us of something different. We do need to be very careful and gentle for it will not hesitate to get violent. The personality swears allegiance to its assigned identity even after its cover is blown. It hangs on with the most subtle of attachments. It will invent lies to hide behind in order to convince itself and others that it has avoided detection. Ego is an imitation of something much greater. That something much greater is the soul. The personality is partially an accumulation of psychological defenses. It defends against deficient feelings of sinfulness and vulnerable emptiness which it assumes to be part of its nature. Personality is an overreaction to feelings of non-survival. The overreaction is both an inward and outward projection rooted purely in fear. It is only real to the personality, however. Behind the perception of fear is judgement. Here is the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden. The personality is sure that it knows the difference between what is good and evil. It feels it can justify its behavior and need for control at any price including its own soul. Breaking the personality's grip is a tall order. Loosening the connection is often judged as wrong, bad and dangerous. Fear of the unknown, peer pressure and pride are typical barriers. Not many will risk the investments that have been made towards security in identity. It seems like too much to lose. The truth is just the reverse. We really can't afford NOT to do it. The gate to true life is a lot narrower than expected. Non-belief is just one out of many possible downfalls. Waiting for something to happen before we can experience God is another. The personality will go through a lot of trouble to convince itself and others that the soul must be avoided at all costs. Don't believe the hype.
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