The tallies have been made. The winner for the 30th slot in the free plugin list has been decided.

 After the mess made in the first attempt to decide the 30th plugin, the second attempt went far smoother. And so, these are the results for the second one.

9 Element Core

9 Keyboard Config

0 Move Route Core

12 Quest

19 Save Core

1 ---------------.js

As you can see, Save Core won by a clear lead ahead of the rest. This brings the completed list to the following: 

  • 1. Core Engine
  • 2. Message Core
  • 3. Battle Engine Core
  • 4, 5, 6. Action Sequence Packs 1-3
  • 7. Victory Aftermath
  • 8. Skill Core
  • 9. Skill Cooldowns
  • 10. Equip Core
  • 11. Item Core
  • 12. Item Upgrade Slots
  • 13. Auto Passive States
  • 14. Main Menu Manager
  • 15. Base Troop Events
  • 16. Battle AI Core
  • 17. Region Events
  • 18. Region Restrictions
  • 19. Save Event Locations
  • 20. Event Chase Player
  • 21. Core Updates and Desktop Optimization (No.164)
  • 22. Battle System ATB (No.24)
  • 23. Battle System CTB (No.38)
  • 24. Battle System STB (No.130)
  • 25. Buffs & States Core (No.50)
  • 26. Animated Sideview Battlers (No.44)
  • 27. Animated Tile Option (No.103)
  • 28. FPS Synch Option (No.81)
  • 29. Dragonbones Integration (No.150)
  • 30. Save Core (No.100)

The above list is what will be bundled into the Yanfly Engine Plugins - Free Plugin Essentials pack and placed back onto the site tomorrow (it's too late tonight as this is something that should have been done today).

I'll be frank. I wasn't expecting the second attempt to vote to go as smoothly as it did and was ready to give you all the --------------------.js if you all were to continue fighting.

But as you've put aside those thoughts of throwing chaos into the air where order is needed in order to consider which plugins would benefit new users the most, the massive majority of you managed to come and vote in an civilized fashion. Good job. You guys can do it when you try.

As a reward, you will get the --------------------.js plugin for free.




I'm serious.

Now let's move on.

  • 31.  --------------------.js 
  • 32. Quest Journal System
  • 33. Keyboard Config
  • 34. Element Core
  • 35. Move Route Core
  • 36. Extended Move Pack 1
  • 37. Upcoming Plugin #197
  • 38. Upcoming Plugin #198
  • 39. Upcoming Plugin #199
  • 40. Upcoming Plugin #200

That's right, you'll all be getting 10 more plugins with the free package due to you all showing me that you've got what it takes to put your heads together and decide what's best for the future RPG Maker MV users. These 10 will include the next four plugins leading up to #200. Good job, everybody.

What are the last four? 

Well, you'll all find out tomorrow.

Good night. 

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