Tango Capital - On Demand!
 2xx team have been working so hard on resolving a  plethora of technical issues - and somehow have managed to slip in some  new feature as well. I am very pleased to say that On Demand playback of  episodes is now a reality anywhere!

So how does it work?


First, you go to the Tango Capital page. You can do this two ways, either:

Second, when on the Tango Capital page you can select from the tabs the episode you would like to play back, and

Third, press the "Listen Back" button.

A couple of points:

  • Navigating  via the home page works as described with Chrome and Edge, but not (at  this stage) using Firefox; the direct URL is reliable for all browsers;
  • the service has only recently commenced, so availability won't go too far back in the sequence of episodes;
  • the  playback will generally be preceded by some inter-program material  lasting anything up to a few minutes; hang in there and you will hear  the familiar sound of  La Payanca introducing the episode.

Finally,  the website is under redevelopment over the next year, and so the  details of how to navigate through to On Demand playback may change. I  will keep you posted of any changes as they are advised. For now, in the  medium term this service is likely to be stable as described.

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