Tanja Catharina Abbas, Build a Global Fire

Last month, I had some wonderful, inspiring weeks, meeting compassionate, wise, loving and caring people from all around our Globe. These meetings strengthened my heart, it lifted my consciousness and by occasion filled my eyes with tears of joy and compassion.

On invitation of the Compassion Group of the Netherlands I met Jon Ramer, who with a joy and dedication shared the ins and outs of the compassion games with us. It was a sacred moment when we were all invited by Jon to hold the fire, the torch of compassion, which travels all the way from Standing Rock throughout the world. Holding on to this torch, knowing where it came from and realising that it connected so many people who have held this sacred fire, inspired my heart to give the world the short personal message that you can find in the video. I went home, feeling light as a feather and with a deep gratitude and inner connection.

Two weeks later I attended the Global Citizenship #EarthCharter in The Hague on invitation of one of the founders. The old and wise Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, survivor of the Holocaust and leading man in the compassion movement, spoke with the young and wise Severn Suzuki. As a twelve year old she made a big impression when she addressed the United Nations to act to protect our earth. The encounter between Awraham and Severn as dear friends, connected by the same consciousness of the wellbeing of our planet and all that lives, was beautiful and empowering beyond words.

More interactions occurred, like the meet-up with the board from the ecological and spiritual community #Damanhur. They are setting up a worldwide Damanhur foundation to share the wisdom and knowledge they gained the last forty years. Later that week, together with a lot of women and some men I joined the Women Wage Peace march in Zutphen. This was an initiative of de Geboortenis to support the #WomenWagePeace movement of Israeli and Palestine women. This rapidly growing grassrootmovement peacefully demonstrates for peace and justice in this gruesome conflict. I had a lot more wonderful and empowering meetings in the past weeks, like the presentation of the astounding research results of Margaret Barker on the Lead books, organised by #AcademiaPanSophia. In all these meetings I realized once more how many people around our globe are sacred activists.

In the mean time I received a personal initiation in using the mirror of obsidian by Alma and Xlotl, wisdom and lineage keepers from Mexico. In this experience I saw the reflection of my face, which was divided in two parts by a strong line running down from my head, my nose to my chin. One side of my face completely disappeared in the darkness of the mirror, turning into a skull, the other part was light and bright, reflecting my ‘normal’ face. To me it is a familiar sight, which I have seen and experienced in my visions in different shapes the past two years regularly. It is the face of the Fierce Feminine, the dark feminine, awakening in me and in so many other people. It is the inner flame of fire inside of us all, burning away what we do not need anymore and enlightening what we do need. This flame is saying ‘No More’ to injustice, devastation, abuse, manipulation and so on, in our patriarchal dominated world. It is saying ‘Yes Please’ to people balancing their feminine and masculine energies, so we can become a world in balance.

This rising of the Fierce Feminine in both men and women is the bigger picture, the greater force in this change of era, by which we can understand all the uprising of grassrootmovements like Woman Wage Peace, The Womans March, #Metoo, but also the wake up calls of people and movements who show us that insects, birds and large animals are rapidly dying. As we are all interrelated, this is about all of us. In this deep crisis, this dark night of the soul which our world is facing right now, the #FierceFeminine is rising up. It is an inner force and a worldwide force, which is cutting down all our illusions on our path of transformation. It is the way to Freedom.

In the video I pass the torch to the next generation. Not to pass it on to them with the burden of the big problems of our world, but to experience and act together. We can connect all the generations, as happened in the meetings I attended, at this moment in time, right now. By awakening the Fierce Feminine in women and men of all generations, we can raise our consciousness and free ourselves by Being and Doing. I was once a child, a young woman, experiencing the world, experiencing the different stages of the divine feminine within me, as I grew older. Now I am a mother. Caring and Fierce. I am part of Mother Earth and part of the Universal Mother. As we all are.

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