Tank/Support [Illustrative Art]
This is from this and this

I didn't know if I was going to finish this, but I decided since I liked it well enough that I might as well go for it.

Tank/Support is a combination that is old as dirt so it was only a matter of time until I did shippy art with that particular combo. Especially with the wombo combo queen Zarya. 

Also Mercy and Zarya are both in my top five most played heroes in a game I have 363 hours in, so I mean. Again, only a matter of time.

I took the Russian lettering from Zarya's summer games skin (the red one has Russian lettering while the white one has English). I'm sorry if it's not legible or if there's any weird issues. Typography is not my strong suit. 

Background Information: This is Angela "Mercy" Ziegler and Aleksandra "Zarya" Zaryanova  from the Blizzard FPS multiplayer game, Overwatch.