Tarantino's Cinematic Universe (explained)
Ok, here it is. Quentin Tarantino confirmed that his movies exist in two different universes: The Realer than Real World Universe and the Movie Universe (they're separated in the credits of the video). Since they inhabit the same world, I tried to acquaint, or reacquaint them (see Vega Brothers) with each other. 

To do that I made tons of different connections, with two biggest threads: phone calls and the radio. Between inter-universal references I had fun with the editing and tried to highlight Tarantino's style.

I was torn between using all the references and visually point them out or even narrate them, or making narrative and let you find the references within Tarantino's universes. They're almost all there but a few I just couldn't fit in. 

If there's any interest I can edit a short clip with the ones that didn't make the cut. For now, here are the lesser obvious connections.

There you go. If you liked this, click the buttons and do the things. This is not what I'll make more frequently so don't support me on Patreon if you don't like videos like this.

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