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Tarodun's Tomb
The Knight of Clubs is dead and his eternal soul trapped within Kingslayer, the sword of Silver. His body, minus his left hand, was secreted away by his henchmen and never seen again. Some sages have records from the henchmen’s deathbed confessions decades later that the tomb of Tarodun the Preserver was broken into and the body of the Knight of Clubs now resides there. While his hammer Direlock is not with the corpse, it turns out the black-stoned ring he wore on his right hand was the key to unlocking the true potency of the weapon. And of course, the ring is still (supposedly) with the body.

Tarodun’s Tomb is sealed to this day and entering it will definitely anger those who still maintain the entrance and venerate the saint who was buried here hundreds of years ago. But if the tomb has been defiled with the body of the Knight of Clubs in Tarodun’s place, then who knows what sorts of hostile restless spirits now inhabit the old structure.

And of course... the traps. What tomb would be complete without triggers that erect flaming walls, spiritual weapons, guardian constructs and more? All the doors within the structure are trapped in one manner or another, and many are magically locked as well. It would take brave souls, operating in complete secrecy, to manage to recapture the ring from herein without starting up a lynchmob (or dying trying).

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