Some of you may recall, when I first posted the ruff sketch to this image... that it was something I have been wanting to doodle on, for a while now.  Thanks to your wonderful Patronage... I was able to indulge in drawing something, just for the "fun" of it.

Was supposed to be a one time thing... I did it, felt really good, felt really right... the end.  Not quite.  Soon as I posted the artwork online... the suggestion was made, that "Eve" would make a great Tarot Card.  Far be it for me to disregard any great suggestions, I went ahead and made her into Number #13... the Death Card.

So what started out as the end of a decadent indulgence... turns out is only the beginning.  Hopefully if our Patron Family continues to grow, I will be able to continue with the remaining face cards, collecting them all into an actual honest to goodness Tarot Deck.

Hopefully there will be an audience out there for such a deck.  So if the Kickstarter is successful... the plan is to do it up really right.

As they say, every great journey, starts with a single step.  Or something like that.

Wanted to say a quick thanks to all of you, for letting me go down that road.