A taste of things...
Hi all, 

For those of you who'd like to get a sense of my writing style, here's a couple samples of my scripts to peruse and see what you think!

Here's a synopsis of Osgood Rex: 

Inspired by real events from the early days of American animation, Osgood Rex is a traditional Greek Tragedy from a cartoon’s eye view. Eckhart Unger, creator of the popular “Osgood The Scrappy Squirrel” cartoons, finds he must leave behind his prize creation and start from scratch when an unscrupulous producer steals the rights to the character out from under him. Meanwhile, in the cartoon world, Osgood discovers that his Creator has abandoned him into the hands of lesser gods, and struggles to figure out what he did to deserve such a fate, and how he might reverse it.

And here's a synopsis of An Invitation Out: 

Like most successful young men in the somewhat distant future, Wridget has lived his entire life completely online, designing high-end custom avatars and throwing lavish parties in a Neo-Victorian world of his own devising. But when a mysterious Outdweller logs on to one of his virtual soirees, Wridget finds himself pulled between two realities, each with their own unique perils and promises.