A taste of whats to come
Hey everyone, Exuviax here. Just wanted to share a quick update and a small side project that I was working on a couple of days ago.  The video above was a short test on how I could build/edit a Travel Vlog; I feel like I will change the style to a more narrative driven format. What do you think?

As most of you know, I haven't made content on my channel for quite some time. The lack of posting is because of a lot of things, but mostly out of lack of creativity. However, this is all about to change!

Starting July 4th, I will be back to a five-day a week streaming schedule over on Twitch where I will be not only be streaming video game content but also video editing content. You can expect this stream to be live from 10 am Eastern Time - 2 pm every; Tuesday - Saturday!

Now the stream is an important part of what I will be doing, but not the end goal. I intend to start streaming to rebuild my community while showing off what I intend to do, and upgrading my equipment from donations and hopefully partner perks. 

But what do you plan on doing? 

I hear no one ask.

I plan to start making travel documentaries while I travel around Ontario, Canada. I hope to be able to use these experiences to build up my skill level, while also finding my style. I'll be posting loads of high-quality photo's, videos and much more for my Patreon Subscribers as you will be helping me to upgrade my equipment and eventually my team.

After the initial six months or so of filming travel documentaries, I intend on moving to more traditional documentary format and hopefully traveling the world to show you something; you otherwise might not have seen. From Base Camp at Mount Everest to the tunnels and sewers that creep under Vatican City. I hope to be able to take community voted places to visit, and create not only a stunningly beautiful video for viewers to enjoy but a place for music creators to promote their content via my films.

I hope to have you guys along the ride! Don't worry, for the beginning most of my Patreon posts will be public!