Taurus New Moon - The Bridge from Past to Future
The New Moon event occurs at 8:16am EDT* on April 26th, 2017 at 6°27’ Taurus, inspiring beginnings, transition, and Nature herself.

Planting seeds of intention now doesn’t even do this energy justice... it’s so much more than that.

All walks of tribes in Life have connected and assigned many varying legends and folklore to that of Nature and what they experienced through Nature, my favorite being that of the Native Americans and the earliest pagans and shamans. Native Americans believe that all of Nature is alive with Spirit, what others describe as Source, or Energy, or God. Interestingly, Spirit was/is also prescribed as medicine. Shamans and medicine wo/men view any disconnection as an imbalance with Nature, any "disease" a dis-ease in the balance of All That Is.

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