Tavern Talk with Grimar #007

Hello everyone,

Lightly late TTWG to give you a bit of knews on myself.
I actually had some time to work on the game, I'm glad I did but these days my personnal life if being a bit complicated... Some may know, I'm the manager of an escape game, and it's pure hell here in France every Saturday as Yellow Jackets are fucking the place up.
Regardless of their revendications, it's been hard lately for all the shop owners around.

Also my sentimal life is being a bit fucked up lately, I'm in a relationship for several years and things are starting to break apart.
Fixing up instead of leaving takes some time and effort, working on the game made me think of something else and I'm glad it did, but I put less hours in this than I wish I would.

Finaly my super is being an ass, and I have several fees I have to pay, so I had to work a bit more in little jobs so I could afford recent problems, could have been resolved in 2 or 3 months but I didn't want problems to stack up.

Anyway, not the best moment in my life, I still have a lot of things to get settled but I manage to get a bit of time for myself and work on the game, I'm glad. Especially as I started tracking down what I did, what needs to me done next and how much time I put in each day. Sometimes I look up at it and see "Last work 4 days ago" and I'm like : Damn ! Gotta go at it ! And without it I couldn't track that and sometimes 10 days goes without working on it and I'm like "woot, that long."

I wanted to thank all the new patrons here this 2 last months, you guys show amazing support and I hope you all enjoyed the game !

You can ask anything on the Discord, I'm usually more there than on Patreon (And you'll see me playing "RPG Maker MV" in the contact list.)

Thanks a LOT for all your support, you can't imagine how much this is important to me.

I'll try to be more regular on the TTWG and FMIS thing. For those who don't know, I usually post every Wednesday : "Tavern Talk with Grimar" where I talk about myself publicly and what is going on in my life in general. On Sundays I post : "F.U.C.K. me it's Sunday !" to Thegns Patrons only ($20 pledge, $10 as an Early Bird (Still available)) to talk about the game's updates and what I'm going to put in next.

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