Tay's Song by Philip Serino - Happy Valentine's Day!
This is an original song for my love, taken from my vows!

Happy Valentine's Day to my love Tay!

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For me, it's difficult expressing how I feel in words, so I hope this helps capture how I truly feel about love. And what better words to use than your own personal vows! We all have different forms of expression, and today is that day to express how you feel, even to those without a Valentine.

So for all of you that has a special Valentine, express how you feel about your loved one. And use your creativity :)

And to all of you that may not have a Valentine (yet), you can still express your love in other ways whether it's for yourself, or for your friends and family, or even the things that you do. Just let love be expressed :)

All Valentine's Day is is expressing your love, however way your heart desires to do it. So let it!

Happy #Valentine's Day! And if this video/message struck a chord within you, I'd love for you to share :D I only hope that it brings hope in some way to you.

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