There is so much going on right now! It's hard to keep up with all the ideas we're coming up with... there's also a lot that's up in the air! We have ideas for new reward tiers, intermediate goals, and reward options!

If you don't see a reward or a reward tier that you like, please let us know! We're open to suggestions. 

For now, we can announce that a new video will be released weekly! Some of these will be campaigns in progress with different types of players: Some YouTubers, some experienced gamers, and some coming into it for the first time! We'll have Lore videos to help you build worlds and campaigns, and for new players a How-to Series, starting with How to D&D. Occasionally, we'll be vlogging, just to give you some behind-the-scenes looks of what we do in the process, who we are when we're not doing whatever THIS is, and what you can look forward to.  As time and resources allow, we'll also include animated and live action adventures. Each week will be a different video, and Patrons at the Apprentice Level and above will be given exclusive early access to all of this!

We have lots to share, and even more exciting announcements to come. To soon to say much, but we have plans to partner with other local businesses for some really exciting projects!