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TBBBAP Episode 24: Rainbow Rocks Shorts
Two Best Brothers Bitch About Ponies Episode 24 Rainbow Rocks Shorts Keg and Phantom pass premature judgement on the best sequel to the worst movie of the best series ever! ...OR IS IT??? Stay tuned to have this and other burning questions answered, like: Will there be music? Will there be Derpy? Will Dash wear a skirt? Holy balls, people, this is important stuff! Equestria Girls Shorts: Player Piano - Guitar Centered - A Case for the Base - Hamstocalypse Now - Pinkie on the One - Music to my Ears - Support us on Patreon: Ask Keg Standard and Phantom Horn anything: Submit Fanart: Credits: MLP:EG belongs to The Man, not us. Fair use and such. Gunbuster - Fly High (8-bit): Daft Punk - Get Lucky (8-bit): Billy Joel - Piano Man (8-bit): The Muppets - Rainbow Connection (8-bit): Touhou Project - Bad Apple!! (8-bit): Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes On Me (8-bit): Shovel Knight - Shield Knight Requiem: Pharrell Williams - Happy (8-bit):
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