TBT - Eggplant Journal Pages
Today's Throwback Thursday post is from a BYOB (Bind Your Own Book) round robin I did with some of the Ten Two Studios design team members back in 2010. We each made our own books, and this one, made by Patti of Beyond Letters, was just short of 4" tall. 

Working this small was a challenge for me, but once I decided on my Everyday Miracles (the book's title and theme), I found it very easy to do. This one was the week's miracle: after four months of waiting, watering, and hovering, my enormous eggplants finally produced lovely purple goodness, which I photographed before cooking and eating.

The eggplant photo is probably one of the best I've ever taken. I posted it on Neil Sperry's Facebook page, and he traded me a year's subscription to his magazine for a high-res copy of it, because eggplants are one of the few things he doesn't grow. I'm still hoping it shows up in one of his books some day.

And yes, those are the actual seeds for Black Beauty eggplants. They start no bigger than the head of a pin, and each one grows a huge, leafy bush that produces three or four huge fruits. I was so proud of these, because they take forever to grow to full ripeness.