TBT - Garden of Eden Wall Book
I've had magic and spell books on my mind this week, so today's Throwback Thursday is a wall book I did in 2011. I called this one The Garden of Eden, because it contained all sorts of natural things, including stuff I pulled from my garden.

I wrote quite a bit about this book when I created it, and it's still posted on my web site: http://www.lisavollrath.com/061711eden/

Why am I thinking about spell books? Well, I mentioned a few days back that I had a chance to do a spell book round robin with some friends, but I didn't think I could because of time and money constraints. I declined, but it nagged at me. I went back to the hostess, and told her my concerns, and she made some adjustments that would take the time and money pressure off a bit, so I decided to join the project. That photo I posted earlier, of brown paper pages, foam core and matchbox drawers? Next week, I'm hoping that turns into a fairy spell book.

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