TBT - Rose Bertin
I thought I'd take a little break from progress photos today, and do another Throwback Thursday. Today, it's a set of altered book pages I did in my friend Livia's book in 2008.

Livia and I were supposed to be participating in a Marie Antoinette round robin, but for one reason or another, the other people who were part of the project dropped out, leaving just the two of us. Since we live 15 minutes away from each other, that worked out just fine, because we could swap books back and forth easily, and use the exchange as an excuse to go have lunch or duck into a museum.

So. We each did a book about Marie Antoinette, and hers was a little spiral-bound one, maybe 4 or 5 inches square. You all know how much I love working BIG, so this book was a challenge for me, which I met by making my space bigger with fold out pages. Never give me a small book to work in. I will almost always rebel, and make the space bigger, by any means available.

The topic for this set of pages is Rose Bertin, whose portrait appears on the left page. She was Marie Antoinette's dressmaker, and the first celebrated French fashion designer. She's largely responsible for the 18th century fashion of high hair, wide skirts, and over-embellished gowns.

The pages combine 18th century paintings, fashion plates, and drawings of accessories with fabrics and trims from my stash. 

My goal when building pages like this one is to create an interesting composition each time the page is flipped, and to save something special to view when the pages are fully extended. In this case, it's fabric swatches, including a bit of embroidered trim from France.

One of the things I did with the images used in these pages was recolor a few of them, or nudge the color a bit, so they'd match the fabrics and trims I used. I also used a lot more dimensional embellishments that I usually would in a book, because the spiral binding allowed for some expansion.