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TCNW 363: Neal Brower Interviews Bruce Bilson 2011 (Part 4)
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The final episode of this four part series featuring Neal Brower's interview with Bruce Bilson, assistant director of "The Andy Griffith Show" from 1960-63. Mr. Bilson's knowledge about TAGS and how it was created makes this series of Two Chairs episodes some of the best ever. Mr. Bilson was there at the creation of the opening credits and for those first several years developing the "feel" of Mayberry.

I recommend watching the video version of this podcast because the clips shown as part of what Mr. Bilson tells us adds a lot to the experience.

This episode we hear about how directors need to know the script better than anyone, Frances Bavier, peeping tom, Barney and the Choir, Andy playing guitar, his thoughts on The Andy Griffith Show from a directors perspective, and more!


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