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TCNW 364: The eBullet January 2016
Time to drop in and see what TAGSRWC can tell us about what's happening in Mayberry in their official newsletter, The eBullet. Thanks to TAGSRWC Presiding Goober, Jim Clark, for being so kind as to allow us to use the hard work he's done gathering the information found in the official newsletter, The eBullet.

Two Chairs No Waiting only gives a small slice of what The eBullet has to offer so please subscribe to the newsletter (it’s FREE) so you’ll have it delivered directly to your e-mail inbox about six times a year. That way you won’t miss out on any of the Mayberry happenings throughout the year.

We'll also talk a little about a trip I took up to Granville, TN to see the Love Stories of Mayberry dinner show this past weekend.


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