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TCNW 384: Mayberry After Mid-day OTR SPECIAL
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What if The Andy Griffith Show had been on the radio? I mean old time radio? Wouldn’t it be great to discover that there were lost episodes with our Mayberry friends in them?

Four years ago "Mayberry After Mid-day" was released here on Two Chairs but it was across two episodes (#191 &192). This speical edition is created to sound like an actual episode of The Andy Griffith Show from beginning to end.

Writer Joe Gritton provided a wonderful script featuring Mayberry barber, Floyd Lawson, and door-to-door salesman, Bert Miller. Sit back and use your mind’s eye to picture the goings on in our hometown of Mayberry, NC while listening to this "old time radio" program.

We begin “Mayberry After Mid-day” with Bert Miller walking down the sidewalk of Main Street heading from the Mayberry Grande toward the courthouse. As Bert nears Floyd’s barber shop, he slows down and considers sitting down for a rest on the bench outside the barber shop window. Join them now in Mayberry and hear what happens.

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