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Tears and curses, most of them do not come when the storage medium goes down with their only copy of wedding photographs, a script of their life story or other important files. Keep reading more about TCS Computers data recovery Belgie. Understandable: As soon as a disk, SSD, memory card or USB stick drives it, there is a little bit about what you or your technologically skilled computer friend can do. Indeed, if your disk really has a physical defect, then all your recovery efforts have a counterfeit effect.

Sometimes the damage is greater: a read head can be physically crashed on one of the so-called platters. A platter is the round CD-like thing that is the part of the "disk" part of a hard drive. Modern hard disks consist of several of those platters, with readers between them. When you drop an HDD, a read head can damage one or more platters, which makes a recovery considerably harder.

TCS Computers Harddisk Data Recovery Belgie

Data corrupted or damaged in two ways logical damage to the file system and physical damage to the storage media, in each of case data become inaccessible, and the average user cannot access it. Sometimes, a user accidentally deleted important files from hard drive or any other storage media. Normally, deleted data restored with the use of data recovery software because regular deletion removes references to data from the file system and mark that space available for new data. But previous data present in that space until new data is not overwritten on that space. 

Hard drive or file system gets crashed or corrupted due to virus attack or any other reason. Data can't access or read in this type of situation. Both physical and logical data recovery can be applied depending on, how data get damaged. Data recovery tools are helpful if the hard drive is physically managed or need to repair file system and partition table. If any hardware is damaged, then replacement of that is a simple solution.

Another situation for data recovery when operating system corrupted or failed, for user whole data of computer system become inaccessible even computer didn't boot properly. This is the most common scenario to apply data recovery. In this situation, data recovery software used to copy all needed data to another disk. In this type of data recovery process, recovery tools move the files from the system files to other storage media with file system and partition manager.

Many recovery softwares are available to recover deleted or corrupted data. Apart from these scenarios, if you lost your data, then use the appropriate data recovery service to restore your valuable data. 

Data Recovery Specialist – A Cost-Effective Option Or Not

Data recovery is specialized work where your computer store or IT department can not help you. In Europe, there are only a few dozens of genuine specialist Data Recovery companies, in the Belgium, only a few. They are best comparing to hackers in the IT world and also here; the best are rare and precious. Employing these specialists and keeping up to date their knowledge is very costly. These specialists also need tools to do their work. These tools are often unique, often specially developed and therefore expensive. Unfortunately, these employees and tools are essential. TCS Computers are the only in the Belgium with their own technicians and own Cleanroom.

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