So let's talk about happier things (I am working on that Obscura chapter but, you know, I've had a rough few weeks). Like tea! If you're not familiar with Adagio, these are the three versions created blends can come in. That tiny tin is the one I've been ordering and posting pictures of, it's a 'sampler' and makes like 4ish cups. The bag is 3 oz and the BIG tin is 5 oz (both of which are sizeable....sizes. As Patreon rewards I'd probably be sending out (and/or making available through gift certificates so that it would be free for you and you would not have to give me (or Patreon) your address although this is only if you live in the US sadly - international would be different) would be the small tins. Because they are aesthetically the cutest, and if you don't like tea but want a tin it's not a waste.

I will be eventually, when there are enough characters made, be making the entire 'fandom' public so that anybody can buy any size of it. The big tins are REALLY NICE QUALITY. I've bought one before for another fandom blend so I can vouch for them being very well made.