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"Tea Time"
This was a LOT of fun, mostly because I got to use some brand new art supplies, watercolor pencils, to achieve this look. I'll be making a tutorial and a review here soon and I will absolutely post the steps I took to create this piece for you to enjoy. These are different from watercolors in that you draw them on like colored pencils then add water to achieve a watercolor effect. Once dry, I added more watercolor pencil to achieve my typical colored pencil finishing look (it's a hard habit to break!) but I'm very very pleased with the effects I was able to achieve.

As promised, this is the original that one lucky backer will be receiving, picked via a random number generator (all tiers are included!). I will be making the announcement after June's billing cycle, I appreciate your patience! I had hoped to finish this earlier but, I refuse to rush art so I hope you'll bear with me a bit longer to find out who's walking away with this cute little red panda.

As always, thank you for supporting me in my endeavors and experiments. Yet another successful attempt at trying something new and different! Now, to write up that tutorial :)