Deep within the galaxy, the B’Amuf home world continued in its daily rotation. The overcrowded planet was rife with petty crime, slavery and pollution. It was for this reason that the Emperor’s palace resided upon a utopian moon.

The utopia was a picturesk place of tranquillity and luxury. Rare game imported from all over the known conquered galaxy roaved the grassy plains, or sheltered in the leafy forests. The sky was so clear that one could sometimes witness starships floating on and off the planet below. 

The palace itself was a sprawling affair, tiered upon tiered tower of utter archetecural marvels. Spires that stretched into the sky seemed to defy the laws of physics, while gargantuan pillars of marble supported the structures above. Glass of every colour, combined with glowing precious jewels and shimmering tapestries and flags fluttered from the bulwarks and spires. The combination of textured colour and absolute opulence made it clear that whomever resided within was ruler.

The façade was almost perfect, aside from the constant and saturating aura of fear and death. The palace was as much a place of luxury as it was a dungeon,