Teaser for 5/13 - 5/14 Weekend images
I attended a weekend business workshop for Montana Artists in picturesque Virginia City Montana. These are the images that I lined up on Friday to finalize for my weekend posting. This is the widest stretch of subjects I have ever done in such a short time.  It includes a couple fractal based images, an evening relaxing with a martini on the balcony, a horse pasture picture from a bicycle ride during the week, and a portion of a life drawing image.

Although I enjoy sketching live models, I am not too confident sharing this type of painting because of the strong emotional content. This one is just from my imagination.

As usual, you can see the full images of these posted until tomorrows work takes their places at risingrims.com.

I am trying to consistently create multiple images per day and am adding the task of choosing my favorite for the day and week to help me select images for future publishing. 

You can be a great help to me by replying with your favorite (left to right, top to bottom). I guess I favor natures creation #3 over any of my more highly altered images above. The cliffs in the background wind their way around to my back yard and locally we call them the rims or rimrocks that line the Yellowstone river valley locally. Hence I call my business Rising Rims because they rise right behind my house. I will show you a better picture of my location soon.

Part of todays workshop encouraged us to write why we create or what about each creation strongly moves us. I will go into more detain in future posts. Generally you can see that I favor song contrast, interesting color combinations and grandeur of the human body and panoramic nature scenes from the above kaleidoscope combination of images.

I hope you had a nice Mother's Day!