Teaser for story "The Black Throne: Rise of Darkness"

The police officers finally went out of the luxurious mansion and came face to face with so many reporters waited outside. However what caught their attention was the long black-haired man with handcuffs locked securely around his hands.

His head tilted down so his hair covered his face. But the reporters knew who he is.

“He’s the murderer” said one of the reporters.

As if it was a cue, all of the reporters quickly tried to get as near as possible to the man and started to bombard him with questions.

“Who are you exactly?”

“Why did you kill the Secretary?”

“Hey hey! Look here! Show us your face!”

“Do you realize the effect of your act?”

The man’s head snapped to the reporter that just asked that last question. His face finally apparent for all to see.   

The man’s head snapped up to the reporter that just asked that last question. And that was when his face was finally apparent for all to see. The crowd was not prepared for the sight in front of them. 

A young boy. He was beautiful. Too beautiful to be a murderer.

But when he opened his mouth, his cold tone froze the reporters. 

“Well, do you?” he said calmly, like he didn’t just kill someone a few minutes ago.

The boy's silver eyes glinted with malicious intent.

“You… All of you, do you know what actually is happening right now?”

The boy then glared at each reporter as he was forced to walk by the officers on his side.

Meanwhile, In Westridge Maximum Security Prison

All the prisoners sat on their table, eating their dinner calmly as the big TV on the wall was playing some news. One of the guards got bored then he randomly changed the channel.

“You… All of you do you know what actually is happening right now?”

One of the prisoners widened his eyes when he saw the boy on the TV. He quickly poked his friend then gestured at the TV.

More of the prisoners noticed the person on that TV. That person. That person with hair as black as darkness.

“You don’t know the suffering of my world” hissed the boy. 

He’s alive. He’s still alive.

“Live your life too easily, not knowing that your leaders were corrupted”

His voice was getting colder and colder. The police officers on the boy’s sides felt like some unknown power froze them in their place. Their foot stopped moving.

A smirk slowly made its way to the boy’s beautiful face.

“But we will show you”

One by one the prisoners started to stand, captivated by those silver eyes.

“We will rise”

As he said that, all the reporters around him felt an unknown chill caressed their body. It made them want to get as far as possible from the boy.

“We will get our revenge. So… expect us”

Most of the prisoners had stood and cheered at the boy’s words as if they were an army, ready to destroy by their General command.

One of the reporters finally managed to gather his courage, and he squeaked out his words so soft that it should be impossible for the beautiful boy to hear it. “Who are ‘we’?”

However, he found the boy stared right back at him like the boy was reading his very soul and that boy answered with proud voice,

“The Underworld”