Teaser for the Zine
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Here lies Lorninane, Lord of Rhode-in-the-Hills. He was a powerful, Rhodashan Summoner, greatly admired by the Mibishal Archivist, Chandi. The admiration was strong enough that his Tomb was sought out and excavated during the Karaman Incursion. The dig was extensive enough that a laboratory was built nearby for Yakin creation, and a well of Vitem (Magical Energy) has tainted the Tomb since Lorninane’s interment, causing vile metamorphosis and magical mutation in the Excavation’s denizens.

The sandstone and blowing sand has been dug away showing a few naturally raised dias and a cavernous maze along the Western Wall of the dig. Creatures of Chaos are drawn by the Vitem still pulsing in the undead remains of Lorninane’s Tomb, and the area has been haunted by Yakin and demonic creatures.

Chandri’s home is a Minaret buried first by an Earth Elemental and then the sands of time. The Minaret is a testament to the Karaman Revolution a few decades past and it contains the fading soul of an Earth Elemental and the forces of a partially human Ant Queen.