Teaser Post!
I'm very fond of this week's picture, but I'll chat about it properly when I post. For now, sunflowers! 

Alright this is a bit of a trial run to see if I'm embedding things correctly. Below should be a picture of seven sunflower plants that are coming along well.

I won't know if it's working until I hit post, so we'll see. If it doesn't work, here's just a link to the picture on imgut http://imgur.com/a/Upq5h These are the seven plants that survived the chicken's attack, there should be about a hundred more in the front yard in another week or two. 

Now, the people who have shown interest will be getting one of these, but all of you will get a specific one  in time! There's a hundred little seeds in the front yard :)

No. 1 is Hobbes, no. 2 is Minerva, no. 3 is Spaghetti, no. 4 is Bhavya and no. 5 is Hawkeye! No. 6 and 7 are still up for grabs. I haven't done the name tags yet, but I'm gonna start today, they'll be a part of Wednesday's blog post.  I wanna do a little picture on each, because there's only twenty of you and I can manage that. For example, Spaghetti is going to have a little picture of spaghetti, creative, I know. If anyone wants a specific doodle alongside their name tag, let me know! It will not be a very good picture, so keep it simple. If you just want your name, I'll draw something random. Like my coffee cup or a tree or something. 

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