Teasing is Fun! (Sketch)
Yeh XD I just wanted to draw Halvor, an OC of my good friend SmartGoldPie from her really awesome Manga "GOTCHA!" (Link to the German version here - look at her artwork and then please, srsly tell her to START TRANSLATING!!!!! XD)

Yeah, well, whilst drawing Halvor in a tavern (he loves women, wine and... yeah), I suddenly had this scene in mind, so... tough luck, Kimmie, you gotta wear a dress! XD (I mean, she needs to earn money, and wearing a dress is not that bad... okay, it's no use in sword fights, but then again, you probably don't neet a sword in a bar brawl anyways XD Hopefully XD

What I learned is: 

  • drawing feet sucks
  • drawing dresses sucks too
  • gotta practice more XD

See you next upload, folks! ;) If you wanna see more sketches, for $1/month you're in the game! =P Also you can support my New Year's Resolution: 2018 I want to expand and have at least 3 patrons in total! XD Let's see it that works out! ;)

Stay healthy!

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