TEB2: Lothern and Walls, Walls and Lothern
A couple of quick additions!

#1 Lothern Landmark

Occupying Lothern as NWC was attractive but the Homeland chain never worked in there because of the different port. 

As a strategical replacement, you get a tier 4 landmark, or rather, two landmarks, but you have to choose between them. 

They are respectively the 'good' and 'bad' occupation. With the Trading Hub you improve upon the existing Foreigners Quarters without upsetting the Asur too much (or beyond what you did to occupy Lothern in the first place). The Military Enclave is... well, you don't have time to care about anybody's opinion and you're going to keep this fancy city for yourself.

As you can see the spirit is the same as the Vortex ritual exploitment chains NWC had (and that will return for Mortal Empires as well). The Homeland chain will also be revamped to only be available in the New World.

Something similar will also be required for Marienburg and Erengrad, but depends on the above.

#2 Star Fort

That's right, trace italienne! Southerners will be able to improve their capital garrisons, otherwise inferior to the Empire's, to the maximum tier by building an expensive star fort. The defensive buffs are relevant and the added garrison favours shooting the enemy to death over having cavalry in reserve.

No, the actual map won't change to that of a star fort, but maybe a professional map maker could do something about that.

And no, Miragliano doesn't get that because as a special city it already has its own thing going on.

Get building!