Tech demos, only not
I could keep doing Hard Project pieces centered around specific franchises until the end of time, but sometimes that gets a little bland. Fortunately, the format is such that I can also mix things up from time to time, go in different directions, talk about other difficult projects to work through. like games that are basically there to serve wholly as demonstrations of technology. The funny thing is, most of the demos of this sort we remember are the ones that did it well. Starfox is still in a lot of people's memories as a great space shooter, despite the fact that it sported graphics that would look low-quality by today's standards no matter what. The numerous games made chiefly to show off interactions that were possible with a set of polygons, though... no one really thinks about those. Enjoy! Lest you wonder, there will indeed be columns tomorrow and Thursday. And Saturday and Sunday, too. Full week!