Tech Priest from Warhammer Project
Yesterday I did not have enough Tech Priests on my paper so I continued to design them.
First standard, this with the violence in the chips and the last one that will be my favorite.

This set will include:



-Weapons (gun and axe)

-Chest and foot armor

-All tubes, details mechanical arms and gloves.

Everything drawn!

I did not draw all the details which I would like to put, so I attach the reference images to show you the details that will be included in the costume.

Material of mechanic parts will be Plastazote covered with latex and rubber.
It will therefore be very light and robust.
Where possible I would use resin and led lights to illuminate all details that I can illuminate! For example: eyes, arms and backpack buttons, guns, lantern (lantern, is right or is a fluid container?) on backpack.
I would like include a sensor similar to Mega Stomp Panic which unfortunately is out of production for two years.Does anyone know an alternative?

Will be difficult, but I will also put this project among the Patreon goals rewards, I know that is very high goal, but I would love to be able to make a similar gift to one of the people who support me with so much trust.

Thank you (again and again :P).