Technical Question & Patting GIF Update
Hello Party Guests! Kevin and I are trying to nail down what appears to be a glitch in the system. Can you reply either here or under the new Patron-Locked WIP of the Yoga Trainer with whether or not you can see the image? We have at least one Patron who's locked out of it even when logged in, and we'd like to know how wide-spread the issue is. There's already been one comment, so some folks are definitely seeing it. It is a puzzlement, and we appreciate your help. Second! An update on the Reward Patting GIFs for our $1, $2, and up Party Guests! Thank you for your patience. I've been unwell for the past little bit, and Kevin's been sweet about me begging off getting my sick-face recorded for posterity. However, I'm definitely improving and y'all have gone without patting for too long! :D We'll be recording tomorrow night, and barring too many technical issues, posting the Reward GIFs up on our Dropbox with links in your message folders within the week. Thank you again for your patience! --Sarah
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