A Technological Setback, New WIP, and Christmas
The computer with the good camera and video editing software is broken. Rather, the charger cable is broken and is no longer sold in stores. I've found one on eBay and will be purchasing it tomorrow, but shipping will take a while (one time, someone sent cards from Portland to me and to someone in Japan on the same day. The guy in Japan received his card more than a week before I got mine. The postal system here seems a bit wonky) and, thus, I won't be able to do any work on the NaNo videos until it arrives. :(

Thanks to your support, this setback isn't as sad a setback as it could be. It's an expensive cable but, with your help, buying it isn't going to set me back like it might have otherwise, which gives me peace of mind as well as empowering me to do my best work. Thank you so much! I look forward to when everything is up and running again and I can finally share those videos with you.

In other news, I'll be starting tomorrow on a short story that I'll be submitting to an anthology. As a result, if it's accepted, I won't be able to give any patrons a copy of it (because of their contract), but that doesn't stop me from sharing thoughts and story process things. :)

Once the story is done and submitted, I'll be taking a break to celebrate Christmas and chill with friends and family. Things will get going again in the new year. Those things include an ebook release. But you didn't hear that from me… :D