Technologists of Attention at Sonic Bloom Festival 2016

In preparation for my first workshop at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors next month, I gave this talk at Sonic Bloom Festival 2016 – in which I conjure up an even more ambitious bouquet of ideas than usual, constellated around the work of Penn State information scientist Richard Doyle and the argument that art and language grew from psychoactive interspecies intercourse.

What does the evolution of the Mind-At-Large teach us about the role of creativity in culture? How do artists function as the organs of erotic signaling within the selves-enjoying superorganism of the Biosphere? What is the highest purpose art can serve?

All these questions – and more – will be danced around, linked, juggled, entertained, and possibly even *answered* in this mind-expanding thoughtstream as it makes its way to spill out in the Ocean of Primordial Awareness...Track List:

1) Self-Organizing No-Selves at the Intersection of Colliding Infinities   

2) Rhetorical Invitations into Boundary Dissolution by Predator-Advertisers for Prey-Consumers

3) The Artist's Ethical Responsibility to Lead Folks out of Individuality and into Flowing Allness

4) Q&A - Biology's Challenges to Ego & The Future of Accountability

5) Q&A - Redirecting the Stream of Attention & The Complexities of "Trying To Do The Right Thing"

6) Q&A - Taking All Perspectives on Time, Evolution Moves in All Directions

7) Q&A - What Lives Beyond the Ripe Fruit of the Ego and the Love Replacing It?

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