My first New York studio tour was like being metaphorically kicked in the balls by producers all day and then getting home to find gifs in your inbox of them laughing at you because you suck. So when Alex Saurez greeted me at the door with a coffee and chubby flat faced cat at his feet I had a feeling life my get better.

We originally paired up for songwriting session, the kind where you write a shit pop song and try to sell it to Jeep, but within about three minutes we both saw the other was hungry to create something real. We both had a love of Swedish pop music, sharp lyrics and big vocals. Alex wanted an outlet for his more alternative angle as he moved away from writing straight up pop (he was in Cobra Starship for example) and I wanted to recreate myself too. I'd been listening to a lot of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Bowie and INXS and I wanted to show the world that strong queer rockstar I always admired but shied away from even considering for myself.

Tectonic has certainly awoken something in me.

It's meant to be "my next one" so ya know, if ya wanna share it... much obliged and all that.

Oh and there is a B-Side I didn't tell anyone about. Surprise!

Video clip out on Monday. And yeah. Oh crap. Good luck little song.

Here is Tectonic and the B-Side Henry yours for download here.