Teej rambles 001
just some thoughts on blending and brushes and the way I work as an artist, as well as answering one of the many questions I get in my inboxes across my galleries.  I feel that I should also note that I work in Adobe Photoshop CS2, but the brush settings and ilk are pretty standard cross the board in terms of whichever version you're using.

as always, this is just one way of doing things[and albeit a pretty rough depiction at that], but the joy about art is that there's many different techniques you can use with the fundamentals that you learn through practice and study. 

I think this is also a good example of the type of content I'll be posting here, along with royalty-free stock photography, custom brush packs, and textures for artists and creators to use.

comments, thoughts, critiques, are always welcome- as are suggestions on what else I can draw up and try to explain!