TekkenWeekly - S1 Episode 1
 TekkenWeekly - Episode 1 - Gigas is not Marduk? Character Panels and More

 Welcome to TekkenWeekly! A weekly series that I'm starting now from until Tekken 7's release. We have approximately 10 weeks till the release of TEKKEN. Let's see what's new now shall we?

In today's episode we go over the recently showed of DLC Roadmap as well as new content that has been revealed for the console release. We also take a look at some recent information that has been said about Gigas.

Apologise for the small audio click near the start, was fighting to get this uploaded before the week ended so i wasn't able to fix that on time.

Paragon - Dont Stop Me (Koenji Mix)
Ridge Racer 6 - Ultracruise

Partner rating: L V
Release date: 25/02/2017
Running time: 4:58
Language: English