Telegram, ICOs and Drone Swarms
Russia recently reported that a drone "swarm" (only 13 drones) attacked (unsuccessfully) its bases in Syria.  

Although Russia hinted the US helped a "terrorist" group with the technology required to mount the attack, there's evidence that the drones were bought online, in an arms market hosted on Telegram --the encrypted messaging service known for not complying with nation-state requests for access (here's more detail on Telegram's arms markets).

Telegram's ability to enable this type of activity is just about to get a big boost.  It just announced plans to launch its own cryptocurrency in a multi-billion dollar ICO (initial coin offering -- it's akin to an IPO but without investment banks, the SEC, and stock markets).  

This ICO will not only fund its ongoing and future operations, it will richly reward the founders -- which has always been a disincentive for development in this space.  Further, an integrated cryptocurrency will make it a much more dynamic social network for open source insurgencies.

NOTE:  40% of Iran's Internet traffic is from Telegram

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