Telekinesis and Teleportation
Teleportation is a default ability for enderman. Telekinesis is an uncommon ability. Telekinesis The ender can lift small, lightweight items with ease. While items are telekinetically moved with their mind, the ender will use their hands to dictate the speed and direction they want it to go. Bigger, heavier, or more resistant objects take both hands to move. Only a master can levitate a heavy or large object. They cannot levitate themselves. Teleportation Although this is the trademark ability for an enderman, it has many limitations. An enderman can teleport into the air but teleporting to land is difficult. Inertia affects teleportation. If an ender is falling and teleports to the ground, they will land with the same amount of speed and force. They can teleport three consecutive times in the Overworld. On a fourth try the ender is likely is collapse. An ender can teleport over a longer distance if he is closer to the End Portal. While in the End, there is no limit to the amount of times an enderman can teleport. They can teleport over hills, rivers, small lakes, trees, and some distances. They cannot cross over mountains, oceans, or entire biomes.