TeleTravel™ Release Notes
Awwwww yeah here we goooooooooo! The very first piece of another world has found its way into ours, and it's... release notes for a startup that doesn't exist here. That might be for the best, or it might not... you be the judge. ~_^

...Here's hoping a Dropbox link to a rich text file works OK...

I think this one is fast and fun and funny and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! If you have anything to say on this piece, comments or complaints or praise or an idea it sparks, please do share it here. This is an open thread, and I'd love to hear from you, so don't be shy!

On a more administrative note: for various reward levels, the flood of writing videos, Tabitha pics, and other commentary will start flowing out tomorrow and over the coming days.


Tier Benefits
$1 or more per story 14 patrons
Thank you! You are the BEST and I am grateful for your support, truly, no matter how much you’re giving me. You’ll get first crack at all of the things I make — I’ll send you links, downloads, PDFs, or whatever form the things take as soon as they go live! And you’ll get to be a part of the discussion here about what you think, too.
$2 or more per story 3 patrons
Just like my Buds except TWICE as generous, you'll get notified the second that new work goes up. Plus! You'll also receive exclusive pictures and updates about Tabitha, my adorable kitten.*
$3 or more per story 3 patrons
HOW COOL ARE YOU OMG. At this tier you get the goods, the pictures of Tabitha the kitten*, and short real-time writing videos, so you can see how the sausage gets made.
$5 or more per story 1 patron
Daaaaaang, you’re super generous, thank you! On top of everything from prior tiers, you'll get a video artist’s statement as a companion to each piece, so you can gain insight into my process and design choices.  And my fashion sense?
$15 or more per story 0 patrons
Whoa look at YOU being a rock star! I am so grateful, more than I can tell you. In return, you’ll get all the Buds and Insiders stuff. Every March, I’ll send you an ebook collection of… as much of these works as are collectable in ebook format? Plus I’ll send you sneak peeks of my other work from time to time: scenes, outlines, ideas.
$40 or more per story 0 patrons
WHAAAAAT. Are you too good for this earth?! I’m overwhelmed by your giving spirit! But if you insist on such a stunning amount of support… Once a year in December, on top of everything else, I’ll send you a tangible artifact in the mail. Letters, postcards, official documents, brochures? Cursed rabbit’s feet? Enchanted beans to plant? Fancy fudge? We’ll see! :D 
$100 or more per story 0 of 6 patrons
Whoa, it's so, so, SO flattering that you're this excited about my work! NO WORDS. So let's take this to the next level: get all the swag and awesome updates... AND a monthly half-hour video or audio chat where we can talk about whatever you like! Writing, politics, Tabitha the kitten*... sky's the limit! (Uh, within the boundaries of comfort and good taste, anyway...)
$500 or more per story 0 of 5 patrons
Well HEY THERE, sailor! Do you represent a business interested in my professional services for transmedia storytelling? Have I got a deal for you! At this support level, I’ll give you three hours a month of one-on-one consulting over Skype or Google Hangouts, broken up however you like. (You can also contact me privately at [email protected] if you're interested in other arrangements.) 
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