Templar Gear Release

Here's the Templar Gear Mod release, it has a cape, fur, shoulderpads and a robe, all with multiple variants. The robe and shoulderpad in particular have variants with different colored lights, purple, blue, red and orange, the shoulderpads also have a variant for each color where the material looks shiny like power armor. So there's a lot to pick from.

Other than that there isn't much to say, i hope you like it. Next in the list is updating the Advent Pathfinders mod, that might take a while given that literally every single part of the mod was broken with WoTC, so there's a lot of work to do. However i plan to release a separate mod with just the hunter rifles, so that's the first thing you'll see.

Unfortunately since all the updating is code stuff i wont really have much to post here while i work on that, although i do have a couple new things i'd like to do with WoTC that would involve at least a little visual stuff, so if i get those things working i'll post them here.

So that's that, hope you enjoy this mod and i'll try to keep you posted about the Pathfinder update.