Template: Verminthrope
This be anotha' lycnathrope like template. Th' idea behind this template goes wit' a deity I've made fer me world. It be a curse from that deity upon th' creature. Ratha' than be related ta' th' moon like a typical lycnathrope er potions like me Artificial Zoanthrope template, this one be linked ta' sunlight and darkness

Th' idea behind th' curse be that those afflicted would go mad constantly tryin' ta' avoid any and all darkness, lest they turn inta' their vermin er hybrid form and gain th' ire o' their own people who might strike 'em down as a monsta'. Th' longa' they be encased in darkness, th' more likely they change forms. Some o' th' rules fer that do still need work, but ya get th' jist o' it. People go crazy tryin' ta' keep light on 'em at all times. This be fantasy ages, candles and lantarns could go out fer any reason. People stay up ensurin' sources o' light don't go out, and durin' th' day they best hope fer clear and sunny skies