Templates: Cleaved Souls / Cleaved Soul
These here templates I be postin' ta'getha' 'cause they be related.

Cleaved Souls:
Th' Cleaved Souls template was made first, inspired by Cho'Gall from Heroes o' th' Storm. Th' idea be ta' use them fun Gestalt  characta' rules ta' make a single characta' played by two people. Th' idea be that yer characta' was born, two souls cleaved ta'getha' in one body. Ye each can choose yer own class, have yer own alignment, etc. But yer made like a Gestalt characta' fer balancin'

Since they share th' same body I gave 'em some bonuses ta' help 'em out. Since they be like a gestalt characta' they share a pool fer hit points and feats. So I increased their hit points from constitution and how much damage they can take before death. They also get a few extra feats as they level.

Cleaved Soul:
Th' Cleaved Soul template was made more recently as a spawned idea from me initial Cleaved Souls template, and also that th' word cleave be a contronym. Cleave means ta' put ta'getha' and ta' tear apart. So while a Cleaved Souls be two souls cleaved ta'getha', a Cleaved Soul be a single soul cleaved apart. A Cleaved Soul be a single characta' whose soul inhabits multiple bodies, all o' which be th' same. Think twins, triplets, etc. Except they all be th' same bloke. They share hit point pool, class, skills, evarythin'! Th' idea be that since yer all th' same and yer souls be th' same, if'n one dies ye all die. So yer one characta' wit' th' utility o' multiple and th' downsides o' bein' one. Area o' effect damage treats 'em right awful

Th' cleaved soul I find ta' be relatively balanced on th' basis that while ye may be multiple bodies, ye share evarythin'. Same class, same spells per day, same hit points, etc. If'n one dies ye all die. T'would be like fightin' 3 wolves, but as soon as ye kill one they all die fer some reason. Sure th' fight would be as deadly as 3 wolves, but ye only need ta' kill one