Temple of All-Gods
 Bishop of Barley 9/16/3

Spells: Natter, Cockroach, Fear, Read Entrails

More like a hotel than a temple. A lobby with receptionist directing customers to the appropriate room of worship. 1 in 6 chance your god or gods is not represented. Open to requests of additions, which will be taken in to serious consideration by the Bishop upon a room becoming available. Bishop is young, willowy, dressed in a mishmash of holy vestments: mitres, furs, blood and berries etc. Willing and able to stand in for any holy man if one cannot be arranged. Has a chain full of holy symbols and is not above using it to batter miscreants in the street. Sub-basement caters to controversial murder cults, which he also administers on occasion.

RUMOUR: All adherents of Shellac the Closer have disappeared over night. His room is currently going spare